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Breath Power

Breath Power - App with Sada Sat Singh

EASY YOGA and RELAXATION! In just 18 minutes - new strength and energy with easy practice. Here in BREATH POWER Sada Sat Singh, a Master teacher,  guides you to exercises for Core Vitality and Immune Strength. This is followed by a deep relaxation for body regeneration. Just close your eyes and follow his voice guidance. If you like more detailed information, check the included photos and written instructions.

Key features:

• Voice guided instructions, just like having a private teacher.

• Detailed instructions with photos and text, which further explains the exercises and effects of the yoga.

• Helps you keep a practice going, even on the Go! Use this app at home, sitting on the bus or at work.

• Music included to enhance your practice

• This app requires no internet connection. You can even have your phone in flight mode and do your exercises!

Start Yoga Today! This easy yoga set will give you good energy and a focused mind. Yoga practice brings you balance and is easy to integrate in daily life. This two-part set can also be used for yoga-on-the-go. When practiced in sitting position, the guided relaxation helps the body relax step by step. If relaxing laying down, it will bring an even greater relaxing benefit for body and mind.

We hope you will enjoy Being Bubbles BREATH POWER!

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Languages: English

Available in: Sweden, Norway, Denmark, Finland

Sada Sat Singhs website: http://www.yogaborgo.com/

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